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The in-flight Wi-Fi service allows you to wirelessly connect to the Internet at or above 10,000 feet, using your personal electronic device such as your laptop, tablet or smartphone. The service is provided by Nelco Network Products Limited (NNPL), powered by Panasonic Avionics Corporation as the technology partner. Together, the parties manage the network, your connectivity session, and support customer care and payment processing.

Pre-flight purchases of Wi-Fi service can be made with MasterCard (credit or debit), VISA (credit or debit), or RuPay. Additional payment methods may be added in the future when available.

At this time, only international credit cards can be used to purchase Wi-Fi service during flights. The in-flight environment currently cannot support the One-Time Password that is necessarily required for online transaction, when using an Indian credit card. We are actively working to identify a solution to enable this option as quickly as possible.

The available Wi-Fi plans are designed to offer and meet different connectivity needs. Pick the best plan that will meet your desired connectivity experience. Please note that the plan you purchase will be accessible to you during the flight only.

Once the transaction is completed, a voucher code will be generated based on the Wi-Fi plan you selected. An email receipt with the voucher code will also be sent. You will need the voucher code to redeem for the Wi-Fi session during the flight, so please save the email and bring it with you for your flight.

Voucher codes are valid for 3 months from the date of purchase, can be redeemed on Vistara International flights offering connectivity.

If you have a voucher code, simply enter the code from Wi-Fi start page to redeem. The location to enter the voucher code is usually in the middle of the page, under the list of available Wi-Fi plans and next to the ‘Reconnect’ option.

Whether you are accessing the Wi-Fi service through a voucher code or via in-flight credit card processing, there are different ways to connect -

As a First Time User, you can create a user account. This option allows you to log on/off during a session and switch devices. You can also see all you access history and request a receipt for any previous sessions.

If you have created an account previously and are a returning user, simply login when promoted.

You can also access the Wi-Fi service as a Guest User. This provides the fastest way to get connected, although access is limited to the device when the connection to the session is first established.

Registering for a user account allows you to better manage your service. Once account is established, and you have logged in, you can use the ‘My Account’ option to update your email address, change password, reset your security question/answer and view all past sessions under the account. If needed, receipts for the past sessions can be requested to be sent again. The account can also be used to log on/off and switch devices during an active Wi-Fi session.

If you lose connection and still have data remaining, you can log in using your existing account info to continue your session. In the event that you made the purchase as a guest user, the session can only be resumed on the device that you made the initial connection from. The system will automatically reconnect the device.

If you have previously set up an account but have forgotten your password, go to the Sign In screen and reset your password using the 'Forgot Password’ option. If you do not remember the answer to the security question, you will not be able to reset your password. However, you can access the service as a Guest User, and contact the Customer Care at, after the flight to have your account information updated. Responses to customer care inquiries can be expected within 72 hours.

If you are currently onboard during a flight and logged into your account, you can update your email address by going to the My Account page. Otherwise, you can contact the Customer Care service and request to have your account information updated. Responses to customer care inquiries can be expected within 72 hours.

After you purchase a Wi-Fi session, a receipt will be sent to the email address you provided during the purchase process. You can request for a copy by contacting the Customer Care service. Responses to customer care inquiries can be expected within 72 hours.

The aircraft’s satellite antenna provides a satellite connection to the Panasonic ground network, where you can connect to the Internet onboard the aircraft. The aircraft is also equipped with wireless access points, which allow you to connect your Wi-Fi-enabled device to the onboard network, much like a public Wi-Fi hotspot on the ground.

To connect, you can use any Wi-Fi enabled device such as your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Please ensure your device is in airplane mode but with Wi-Fi enabled.

You cannot log in from two separate devices with the same credentials simultaneously. If you enabled your session as an account holder, you may switch between two or more devices by logging off on your first device before logging onto a second device, using your account credentials. To end your Wi-Fi session, simply select to sign out.

As a guest user, you will be able to access from the same device that initiated the service at the beginning.

Generally, you should experience speeds similar to the public Wi-Fi/WLAN connections available on the ground. However, the actual bandwidth depends on several parameters, including the satellite connection to the aircraft, the number of aircraft connected to the satellite, the number of passengers concurrently using the service and the intensity of bandwidth usage on the aircraft.

Depending on the Wi-Fi plan that you selected, all major VPN applications may be supported. However, it also depends on the VPN configuration of your company. The system allows Internet connections to the TCP/IP standard. If you have problems with your VPN connection, please contact your I.T. administration for support.

The authentication process between your wireless enabled device and the Wi-Fi purchase path pages is secured by the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. Here, all data will be encrypted. Once you access the Wi-Fi purchase path pages, the transmitter sends a public key that is tested and accepted by the browser. The SSL is designed to send sensitive data safely on the Internet. The system thereby ensures that the data transmitted cannot be read or manipulated by others. However, the Wi-Fi service provided by NNPL is a public network offering and no public Wi-Fi is completely secure. Therefore, we recommend that you follow good security practices to lower potential risks.

Just as with your internet at home, passengers must meet the ever changing need to own additional security measures (e.g. use of special security software). The Wi-Fi services uses the standard 802.11b/g wireless protocol for Internet access on this flight. Laptops that have firewall and other protection against malware can protect users against hazardous hacker attacks from the Internet. However, the Wi-Fi service provided by NNPL is a public network offering and no public Wi-Fi is completely secure. Therefore, we recommend that you follow good security practices to lower potential risks.

Any form of voice or video calls through Wi-Fi internet connectivity will not be allowed on Vistara flights. This is done keeping in mind the comfort and convenience of all passengers on board.

Live television streaming will not be available through Wi-Fi internet connectivity onboard Vistara flights. However, we are constantly working towards enhancing the overall customer experience and shall explore every possibility to offer what our customers want.

Vistara will offer in-flight Wi-Fi internet connectivity onboard international flights operated on Boeing 787-9 and A321 aircraft fleets.

Vistara’s in-flight Wi-Fi internet connectivity enables customers to access internet through their own Portable Electronic Devices (PEDs). There will be no devices available to borrow onboard.

Vistara and NNPL have deployed state-of-the-art mechanism to monitor and regulate data usage on board to avoid any misuse of the Wi-Fi internet connectivity. The service will be aligned with all the regulatory and statutory guidelines.

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